Guess Our Favorite Book!

In order to learn more about our class, we created a video to share with you! Each student shared a little bit of information about their favorite book. They’ll share the genre of the book, the author, and a few details about characters and plot. After you watch the video, leave a comment to see if you can guess what their favorite book is! If you still can’t figure it out after watching, ask a few questions. We’ll give you a few more hints!

Check back to find out about the rest of our favorite books!

*What clues helped you guess each book?*

*What is your favorite book and why?*

What’s Your Genre?

As we embark upon our journey to share the wonderful world of reading with one another, an important first step is to see similarities and differences between our two classes. We think you’ll find that some will enjoy the same books as you, while others may be reading a book you’ve never heard about before.

There are many different genres of books available to read. We’d love to know what your favorite is! In the poll below, you can find a few different genres along with an example of a book from each. Choose your favorite by clicking the appropriate circle and then click vote. We’ll share the results next week!